MACTAC – MACal 8300 Pro

A superior intermediate film designed to offer 4-5 years outdoor durability. It is coated with a solvent permanent acrylic adhesive and offers excellent dimensional stability, cutting and weedability for an economical price. It available in gloss and matte colours.

 – Technology : Monomeric PVC

 – Adhesive Performance : Permanent

 – Durability Outdoor : 4 years

 – Thickness : 70 µm

Packing : 30cm = 1.26m x 1 feet , 1 roll = 1.26m x 50m


Product Description


MACal 8300 PRO are calendered soft vinyl films coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive.
MACal 8300 PRO is designed for trouble-free computer cutting and fast weeding, even for small letters and fine lines.

Face materialCalendered vinyl film, 70 µm thick, cadmium-free.
AdhesivePermanent acrylic adhesive.
LinerHighly stable 135 gsm white kraft paper with orange backprinting. For white vinyls, the liner is coated with a blue silicone coating to improve the contrast with the film colour.
NB : CONTRAST ensures a clear view during the stripping process therefore improving productivity.

MACal 8300 PRO is a medium term marking film designed for indoor (exhibition stands) or outdoor applications (vehicle marking, window graphics, signs etc).

The expected vertical outdoor durability of the unprocessed product in central Europe (Zone 1) is up to:
5 years : black and white.
4 years : all colours.
This information is based on successful real life experience and artificial aging according to ISO 4892-2.

Note : Exposure to severe temperatures and ultraviolet light, as well as conditions in southern European countries, and also in tropical, sub-tropical or desert regions, will cause a more rapid deterioration. This also applies to polluted areas, high altitude, horizontal and south-facing exposure.

2 years when stored at 15 to 25°C and ± 50 % relative humidity.

Thickness (mm) (Film + adhesive) ISO 534
Face Material Data, 23°C DIN ISO 527-3
Tensile strength : > 25 N/15mm
Elongation at break : ≥ 150 %

Adhesive Data, 23°C FTM 1
Peel adhesion 180° on stainless steel (N/25mm)
– 20 min. residence: 14
– 24 hours residence: 18
– 1 week residence: 19
Dimensional stability FTM 14
Shrinkage (48 hours at 70°C): < 0.3mm
Temperature ranges :
Application : + 10°C to + 40°C
End-use : – 40°C to + 70°C
N.B. : for lower temperatures, please consult us.
Flammability ISO 3795
Sample mounted on aluminium : self-extinguishing.
Solvent and chemical resistance
Water, water and detergent, alcohols : unaffected.
Oil, gasoline, gasoline-oil : affected (lifting around edges).

Computer cutting
Clean, quick, trouble-free cutting with most plotters. Adjustment of the cutting depth is important : if the cut is too deep this could result in the paper splitting and coming away with the adhesive when the vinyl is transferred to Application Tape.
Easy and fast weeding even for small letters and fine lines.
The transfer of the cut vinyl onto the Application Tape should always be performed by removing the liner from the pressure-sensitive material (i.e. with the PVC face downwards onto the working surface) and not by lifting off the Application Tape.
MACal 8300 PRO can be applied with the dry application method on slightly curved surfaces. On flat surfaces, the dry or the wet application method is suitable.
Important remark
All surfaces to which the material will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, grease or any contamination.
The compatibility of paints and lacquers should be tested by the end-user, prior to use.
Edge sealing and varnishing
Where exposure to chemicals and solvent spillage is likely to occur, edge sealing of decals with a varnish will prevent edge lift. Correct varnishing of decals gives greater protection, and extends the use-life against prolonged effects of weathering, abrasion and other effects such as frequent cleanings.

"Colors may not be a 100% color match of actual material. (Gloss) "
"Colors may not be a 100% color match of actual material. (Matte) "


  • 1.26m x 30cm = 1 feet
  • 1.26m x 50m = 1 roll

Additional information


8301-22 G-ORANGE, 8302-22 M-ORANGE, 8303-23 G-SUNFLOWER YELLOW, 8304-23 M-SUNFLOWER YELLOW, 8305-24 G-MEDIUM YELLOW, 8308-12 M-LEMON YELLOW, 8308-25 M-LIGHT YELLOW, 8308-26 M-BUTTERCUP, 8308-27 M-YELLOW, 8308-28 M-LIGHT ORANGE, 8308-29 M-DARK ORANGE, 8309-12 G-LEMON YELLOW, 8309-30 G-LIGHT YELLOW, 8309-31 G-APRICOT, 8328-00 M-WHITE, 8328-17 M-BEIGE, 8328-18 M-IVORY, 8329-00 G-WHITE, 8329-17 G-BEIGE, 8338-00 M-MEDIUM BLUE, 8338-01 M-INTENSE BLUE, 8338-02 M-HIGHWAY BLUE, 8338-04 M-SKY BLUE, 8338-07 M-TURQOUISE BLUE, 8338-13 M-ROYAL BLUE, 8338-14 M-ELECTRIC BLUE, 8338-15 M-BAHAMAS BLUE, 8338-16 M-LIGHT BLUE, 8338-17 M-COBALT BLUE, 8338-18 M-COSMIC BLUE, 8338-19 M-VIOLET, 8338-20 M-METHYLENE BLUE, 8339-00 G-MEDIUM BLUE, 8339-02 G-HIGHWAY BLUE, 8339-04 G-SKY BLUE, 8339-06 G-OCEAN BLUE, 8339-07 G-TURQOUISE, 8339-13 G-ROYAL BLUE, 8339-14 G-ELECTRIC BLUE, 8339-30 G-PURPLE BLUE, 8339-31 G-LAVENDER, 8339-33 G-NAVY, 8339-35 G-POWDER BLUE, 8348-08 M-LEAF GREEN, 8348-09 M-GREEN YELLOW, 8348-10 M-LIME, 8348-11 M-KIWI, 8348-13 M-TURQUOISE GREEN, 8348-14 M-MINT, 8348-28 M-MEDIUM GREEN, 8348-29 M-GREEN, 8348-30 M-DARK GREEN, 8348-31 M-SPRING GREEN, 8348-33 M-SPINACH GREEN, 8349-05 G-BOTTLE GREEN, 8349-17 G-VIBRANT GREEN, 8349-30 G-DARK GREEN, 8349-31 G-SPRING GREEN, 8349-34 G-MEDIUM GREEN, 8349-35 G-APPLE GREEN, 8358-04 M-CYCLAMEN, 8358-12 M-BURGUNDY, 8358-33 M-MEDIUM RED, 8358-34 M-BLOOD RED, 8358-36 M-CURRANT RED, 8358-37 M-RED, 8358-38 M-CARMINE RED, 8359-04 G-CYCLAMEN, 8359-12 G-BURGUNDY, 8359-15 G-RAPSBERRY, 8359-39 G-BLOOD RED, 8359-40 G-PASSION RED, 8368-00 M-SILVER, 8369-00 G-SILVER, 8378-00 M-GOLD, 8379-00 G-GOLD, 8382-11 M-CHOCOLATE BROWN, 8382-12 M-NUT BROWN, 8383-13 G-CHOCOLATE BROWN, 8388-00 M-BLACK, 8388-11 M-CONCRETE GREY, 8388-15 M-MEDIUM GREY, 8388-16 M-GRAPHITE(DK. GREY), 8388-17 M-PEARL GREY, 8389-00 G-BLACK, 8389-04 G-MOUSE GREY, 8389-18 G-DARK GREY, 8389-19 G-STATE GREY, 8389-20 G-FROSTY GREY




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